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By Burgy
#103881 I already have 5 requests, so these are being ignored. Commissions open up next Friday again.

And no, you don't need to donate. It's just that I do this for free where I could make you all pay.

And make five posts to get rid of the magikarp

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By Aichu
#103885 Ten posts not five. well atleast i had 10 .. ;s enyway. can i have a another signatuure? its an pokemon but characters only.

I want team aqua leader , grunt and admin. Background is Ocean , You should put "Team Aqua" somewhere and yeah. (If you have time and borred)
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By Dark Prinplup
#104066 Background Color?
Left:Dark blue
Right: a slightly lighter shade of blue

Items (Only one or two things please);

One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please]
A mudkip
Display Name Preferred:
Anything Else?:
Can there maybe be a kyogre shadow in the background behind the mudkip and maybe one grass(like my avatar if i'm not asking for to much)
By Viva_la_pwn3d
#104086 In honor of me signing my Veterans release papers tomorrow and resigning from the military.

Background Colour?
Left: Black
Right: Green (Kinda Camo like)

One character, Pokemon or item: Army solider

Display Name Preferred: Army Vet

Anything Else?: Take your time on this one. The situation itself means a lot to me so I would love something done really real as I know you can do.
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By Burgy
#104165 Requests aren't being taken at the moment. Come back next Friday, although I'm starting Viva's as of now because it's for a special occasion.

I'll take five requests next Friday 12:00am EST (Counting Viva's)