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By Copy Cat Master
Burgy wrote:Image

Smexy, thank you. xD

I might request a youtube channel cover next week (2120x350). xD
By Copy Cat Master
Burgy wrote:The second one is signature size BTW. And that'll cost you ;o

Yes, I know but okay and can I pay you with my love?. My love is more expensive and worth than almost anything in this world. :3
By Copy Cat Master
Burgy wrote:Nope. Cold hard cash bae.

You hurting my feeling. D:
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By Dark Prinplup
#106269 Its Friday xD

Background Color?
Left:Dark blue
Right: a slightly lighter shade of blue

Items (Only one or two things please);

One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please]
A mudkip
Display Name Preferred:
Anything Else?:
Can there maybe be a kyogre shadow in the background behind the mudkip and maybe it can be on grass?(like my avatar if i'm not asking for to much)