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By Burgy
SuchArceus wrote:Thanks for your advise Burgy I'm pretty happy with my avatar.

Yeah! I really like it too. Maybe you could open your own shop for practice, that's how I got as good as I am now.
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By Burgy
Copy Cat Master wrote:Background Colour? (List off a few colours)

Purple, blue and pink

Items (Only one or two things please);

One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please] Aiba Mui from Mahou Sensou/Magical Warfare

Display Name Preferred: Copy Cat Master

Anything Else?: Please make the background splatter if possible.

A picture of Aiba Mui.


(Click the picture to view large version)

Here you go.
By Copy Cat Master
Burgy wrote:Here you go.

Beautiful o.O but sadly. This will be my last request because I cannot buy the tier unless I can pay it with my feeling or something alike. :c