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By Burgy
kmks_respawn » Mon May 19, 2014 11:05 am wrote:Sky Color: orange and the usual colors at sunset. Like a soft purple or pink
Horizontal: Clouds partially covering the sunset (not fully)
Background: The top of bell sprout tower
Clouds: The kind you see during a sunset
3D scene of gold not he top of bell sprout tower looking down at his feet with a mew hovering the the left of him and a mew two hovering to the right of him. Neither need to be in their shiny forms but u could make them shiny if you wish.

Wrong template, use the one on the front page.

Also, i'm starting to continue today starting with paid commissions tho

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By OrtonSaf
#125316 Background Color: Yellow, Blue, Red

Items: Gengar

Display Name Preferred: Orton679

Anything Else?: Nothing Else... Sorry that I'm editing this alot, I can't make up my mind
By kmks_respawn
#125317 Background Colour? orange a soft purple blue pink or yellow

Items Sunset in the background
Gold on top of bellsprout tower looking down at his feet with a mew looking over his left shoulder
Display Name Preferred:

Anything Else?: could you put my username: kmks_respawn where you see fit? also a 3d drawing would look nice.