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By Waterboyr
#46480 Umbreon I'm with you... That's like a HUGE part of pokemon if you know the manga, old games, and anime... SO like it ruins everything to me. Leaf Green is like my favorite pokemon game even though I first played diamond...

Okay first nurse joy one is stories. I like the ones people post videos of. Those are cool. Lavender town is messed up. Souls Silver is messed up. You only get that weird feeling for the first time you watch it. But I would like one that wasn't creepy but like strange or even cool but similar to a creepypasta.

By Lettucecow
#46542 Definitely hypno's lullaby, scared the crap out of me :shock:
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By Blaster
#46597 in regards to the Pokémon ones, Snow on Mt Silver purely because of the cheesy video that was with it, I give props to the sprite artist for that but I can not look at Pikachu's the same way again. Ben drowned is also another creepy one and I have herd the Herobrine ones to death
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By Blaster
#46618 After the 20th rumor of Herobrine, the Herobrine Creepy pasta has lost it's scare factor on me. not to mention a lot of creepy and scary things I watch or read don't work on me.
By SirTurdle
#46690 I am HORRIBLY terrified of Slender Man. Ive read other creepypastas and im pretty non-scared of them. I do however love the 1dollar.wav story as it actually has an ending that made me feel pretty good.
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By Dark Prinplup
#49020 Hmmm....Im not really scared of any creepypastas Mayve i'll read slenderman.