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By AnDwHaT5
#39363 So i fell in love with pokeMMO the other day and i thought. Hey why dont i make a team to play on there!!! So pm me if you want to join. Want to discus PokeMMO here? No problem this is mainly a recruitment for it but we can chat about it. Here is a link to there site You need a rom of firered to play. Just unzip the .zip into a folder and put your rom into the roms folder in the folder you made with the unziped file. Easy and fun. To get a rom just google it. Pokemon fire red for pc. Simple. I suggest Well i hope you guys like it as i do. Also its like playing fire red with hoenn stuff added and people playing with you in a multiplayer world.

By Waterboyr
#39932 Not working for me any download step u step way you did it please.
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By BloodravenD
AnDwHaT5 wrote: snipped for shortness

I play it sometimes, although I'm not really far into it. It's still pretty nice. You did forget to mention that if you put a heartgold or soulsilver rom, you can drag a pokemon out of the party for it to follow you around.
By Polifroeg
#44550 I saw a player with a salamence the last day where do you get bagon?