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How do we proceed?

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By MrMasochism
#43232 Gen 1 is almost finished and so we need to decide how we proceed. The experiment with doing gen 1 first and finishing it before moving on was mixed. It worked in that we got the gen finished but it also slowed things down as we got to the end. The positive is a big one though.

With that in mind we need to decide what we are going to do from now on. Do we open up all gens to be done - minus the current gen, we will never be accepting models from the current gamefreak pokemon gen (until they are no longer the current gen of course).

Post in the poll and try to only comment if you really think you are adding something constructive to the discussion

The poll will last 5 days!

By karrybird
#43246 all gens being opened, definitely.
there's no reason we should go in order, it will only accomplish pissing me off and forcing me to quit out of lack of interest in the pokemon i'd be forced to make. i honestly hate being limited to one gen, it makes me feel so trapped, like i can ONLY do these certain pokemon and that's it! i hate that feeling.

and then we'll run into the same problem as we have in this current gen. we will get down to the wire, down to the last few pokemon that no one likes and we will be stuck until we pressure edeodin to make those last boring few just to get to the next gen.

and honestly, who here likes the gen 2 roster enough to direct our entire focus on just them?
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karrybird wrote:and honestly, who here likes the gen 2 roster enough to direct our entire focus on just them?

i love gen 2 to death, but i dont love any gen enough to be forced to do it, because not 1 gen has pokemon every single person likes, you have to dislike a few here and there
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By Hypnose
#43283 Suggestion
I'm not sure how great this sounds to anyone else,(it sounds pretty iffy to me too) but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post my suggestion anyway.
What if we were to continue in order Gen by Gen, BUT between each Gen's completion and the start of the next Gen, we have a set period of time that modelers can do whatever Gen model they want? After this period of time is up we start only working on the next Gen in line.
Just an idea..
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By Il_Lupo
#43294 No Pokemon is pointless. People might overuse the same Pokemon over and over, but that doesn't mean we should get rid of every Pokemon except for Dragonite. The spice of battling is in uniqueness.
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By Edeodin
karrybird wrote:and then we'll run into the same problem as we have in this current gen. we will get down to the wire, down to the last few pokemon that no one likes and we will be stuck until we pressure edeodin to make those last boring few just to get to the next gen.

and honestly, who here likes the gen 2 roster enough to direct our entire focus on just them?

I second this. While no one was directly pressuring me, I could see people were troubled that they'd have to wait god knows how long until they could put their gen 3/4/5 favourites into the mod. There was this unspoken sense of impatience that indirectly pressured me to get things done, even when I really wasn't in a position to do so. Honestly, it stressed me the heck out. Mind you I can work under the pressure, and I liked all the Pokemon I modelled... but the real problem/stress was the fact the modelling scene came to a sudden halt while I picked off the ones no one else would do or couldn't finish. The entire process came down to whether I would have free time or not. Personally, I like order, and I can see why doing gen 2 exclusively would be a good thing in that sense. But there's too many cons to doing it again. I'd rather deal with the chaos of everyone modelling across different generations and find a way to make that efficient than repeat the same mistake of gen 1.

Hypnose wrote:But the problem is, if no one is pushed to do the Pokemon no one likes they'll never get done. How do we solve this issue?

There are people who love gen 2, myself included. They may not be here at the moment or they may have been waiting on the sidelines for the chance to model their favourites. Hard to say. But it will get done, especially as the mod gets more attention and draws more talent our way. Speaking of attention, the mod is getting more and more of it. I feel it's better for the mod if we have more Pokemon across various gens instead of a slow and crippling process with just gen 2 being added. Otherwise, we'll just have months of people crying out for gen 3+ Pokemon, especially when we reach that inevitable end of the generation where no one wants to bite the bullet and just model. On the other hand, we open all gens and we get a much wider range of models being made faster than completing half of gen 2.

karrybird wrote:...question, if no one likes them enough to make them, why should we force other people to make them? for completest sake?

Because it's a faithful recreation of Pokemon. There are people who don't really care if they're useless or unappealing, they just like the Pokemon and that's enough for them. Heck I know people who purposely pick the uncommon ones to give themselves a challenge instead of rolling around with the top tier "you have to pick this one to be super competitive" of every gen. Or just people who like the Pokemon and it's not even about difficulty for them. There's also this catching them all thing that has nothing to do with their battle appeal, and quite frankly the game would be nothing if GameFreak just cut out all the undesirables because Pokemon like Mr.Mime are laughable to some. While I'm on your side for all gens, I'm also very fond of the majority of Pokemon throughout all generations. Any void in the experience, regardless of who is popular or not, would be a crying shame.

/Gist of another pointless rant
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By Edeodin
karrybird wrote:ah, i knew eddie would share the same views as me. :)

and i never said to get rid of any pokemon, (quite honestly, i hate dragonite with a burning passion) i was trying to prove my point by saying a LOT of people don't use/catch more than half of what's in the mod.

i'm all for adding in even the lesser used ones (those tend to be my favorites) but when those same useless pokemon are what's stopping the mod from moving foreward, then i say just screw them, let's move on!

I love too many Pokemon to be waiting in a situation like this ever again. :D

Yeah I know, though it's an issue with the Pokemon games sadly. Either they lack the move set to do enough damage or their stats are ridiculously unbalanced. I tend to pick my favourites and see how far I can get with them because top tier takes all the fun/challenge out of the games. That aside though...

It's not even just the useless ones that were holding us up though that's the thing. Either they were too hard or they had a butt for a head (cough Magmar cough). Plus, I've witnessed a surprising amount of excitement towards Pokemon I didn't think would be THAT interesting to people, like Electabuzz. The same thing is going to happen again with gen 2, whereas if we open them all up... At least those hard ones aren't holding the entire mod back. Someone will eventually get to them I can guarantee. And also we need more variety desperately. What you're seeing on your server is the result of the lack of interesting types that gen 1 suffered from. Gen 2 introduces dark and steel, but we don't really start seeing more interesting Pokemon until gen 3 and 4. Even if people continue to flock to high tier Pokemon, which they will, at least there would be five generations of top tier to spice things up more.
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#43308 not going to lie, even if we did only gen 2 next (and by looking at the poll that is very unlikely) with us being able to use objs now, it is A LOT easier to model now, so even if we are forced to do gen 2 only, they way i see it is that it would go far quicker then gen 1 now that a. we knwo what we are doing b. have several new modeling techniques (not including maya and other programs, just talking about techne) and c. we have maya lol basically what im getting is that, even if we some how get forced by the poll, it will go by much faster now that we have easier methods of going about modeling

i highly doubt any of that made sense
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By Edeodin
SPG wrote:i highly doubt any of that made sense

lol No it made perfect sense. I can say for myself that I've learned a lot that has made things go faster, not even including the possibility of OBJ yet.

Charbeneau wrote:I think the starters from each gen should be worked on cause that would be nice cause I personally like mudkip (not trolling) and I also like Cyndaquil. Plus for some servers that do gyms with types it will help the gyms be abit harder to beat cause the mixed types sorta like on my server I am the water gym and wish I could have mudkip so I dont worry too much about electric types. Also why not make some teams to work on each gen that they like maybe?

Yes more starters will definitely happen pretty fast either way. Mudkip was my favourite gen 3 starter, and Swampert was just... awesome. Though you'd really have to watch out for those grass types. ;)

Hypnose wrote:What if there are a couple Pokemon that no one wants to model, but a couple people want this Pokemon?

It's ok, Good Guy Edeodin's got this. XD Honestly as long as it's not a situation like this where I was literally holding everyone up inadvertently, I'd probably be willing to model any Pokemon.

Sundial_MC wrote:and sun will be a happy dial.

And Edeo will be a happy din!
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By KuryoZT
#43324 But isn't the lack of variety in team, also caused by the age group of the players? I have seen a lot of young players, some that only played gen4 and 5, so of course they only know the best of gen1, they didn't have the fun we (17+ I'd say) as kid had with only those 151 Pokemon.
But I have been shown how narrow-minded I am currently with this mod, so maybe it is only true for the time I was online, playing on the server. (And my numbers aren't 100% accurate mind ya, I'm really not good at estimation, as shown by SPG and others)
But I have to agree with karry and Edeodin, some good modelers would just hate\ragequit at being forced to do Gen2 only, and I know what chaos it can unleashed, but I'll have to go with "opening up all gens".
I don't like the newer gens too much, and honestly, gen2 was my favorite (introduced so much, it's my childhood right here) so I'd prefer let the modelers choose, and maybe some will come back, model awsome older pokes, and I'd love that.
I also understand that opening up will lead to some mass quarantine (?, left out) but that is a simple cost, and I'm sure, some more modelers will come by, and take the challenge for fun. (I mean, only recently did soemone come by, and help with animating obj in minecraft, right? Proving the mod itself is growing in attention it's given to (?))

And Edeodin, final words, you didn't hold the mod back, you helped it finish this freaking gen1, that's no pushover. And I can't make a happy anything, it'd look weird :(