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By KuryoZT
The_Nanobots wrote:A steel ghost type pokemon with the ability levitate,.

Sole weakness:Fire!
I kinda want it to be a spider now.
Just for that meme.

By aGraypanda
#48114 I Want Them 2 Get Rid of All the Pokemon From Gen 5 & Maybe 4 And Then Add on From There,
anyway I Would Want More Psychic Types
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By Rzxa
#48116 It's pretty immature saying that some and most people like gen 5 and 4 pokemon
And there's lots of cool gen 5 pokemon that I like =chandelure
So ..........
By Waterboyr
#48327 I'd like to see less of these pokemon that look nothing like pokemon and have weird coloring. But they already made those pokemon for the new gen that way so it's too late for me. XD
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By KuryoZT
#48367 Please don't let this become another Gen1 Fanboys VS gen5 fanboys, there's already so many threads like this, go take a cold shower before posting any of this stuff! Calm down, and noone will get hurt (Butt)