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#55059 all 3 pokemon rangers are easy, so he doesnt need to prove anything, you are just bad lol
By Waterboyr
#55181 Well then again... I played it like 5 years ago and it was the really old one... There was a point where you literally drew circles so fast the stylus flew out of your hand or you got kinda tired... But seriously anyone notice most games like 6 years ago like computer games or Gameboy games or early Nintendo... There was a point where you couldn't beat a part and that kept happening a lot? Then they added easy mode to games. Now everyone does it on easy mode until they are good.
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By Overreactedosbol
#55203 Ok, my turn :P. I RQ'd not that long ago, i was playing HG (i will play it further one day, but for now screw it.) and i had this kick-ass team made out of Skiploom and Wooper. I eventually got stuck with that f**ing Bug gym leader Bugsy, and i know i could beat him, but i wasnt in the mood and i screwed it up, using over 10 super potions, and RQ'd.
By I_master_mind_I
#55396 I remember I raged in my ssp Pixelmon fell in lava and dropped all my ultra balls and pokedex. I was in single player so of coarse i didn't have the plug-in to prevent player dropping items on death so all I had to show were my party and some usless tms