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By Waterboyr
Nanoninja99 wrote:Whenever I go on pokemon GTS I find the perfect pokemon

You need:
A Bidoof Level 100..

Hey Bidoofs know Super Fang and that's pretty cool... And I had one for my team... Except I didn't know what I was doing... But at leas they look great! ;)
By 1Charak2
#99141 from the horrors of time and space their came a pokemon that made many players have to retake a gym it was a devil in disquise a hellish cow owned by the demon queen its name was miltank and it was the worlds largest pain in the pokeballs (im looking at u milk drink) never before did i have to retake a gym but this This is why i hate normal types
By Waterboyr
#100880 I remember another one!
Never getting false swipe because I thought it'd be stupid why would you want a move that wouldn't defeat the opponents? It was my first not mystery dungeon game, diamond. Lets just say, I never caught heatran. And I never fixed this error, meaning I never remembered to get the move, throughout every, single, game. Ugh. Leaf Green wasn't pretty.
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By Datmusic
#101041 In pokemon leaf green I was in a battle with a shiny Numel. Sadly, I didn't have a pokeball, therefore I didn't catch/see it ever again.