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By Waterboyr
I_master_mind_I wrote:What about Bidoof?

I LOVE BIDOOF! Is this was a real game... I would by it. Seriously lol bidof is a good pokemon and a good rattata sentret thing because they do something like weedle, rattata, and pidgey for every region.
Kuwoobie wrote:Image
What... Just no. Mind blown.

SPG wrote:this one may not make sense to the young peoples
make this happen gamefreak

Okay just tell me this because I'm one of those people that never gets the jokes until someone tells them what it is... It's the first one that kids wouldn't get right?Okay just tell me this because I'm one of those people that never gets the jokes until someone tells them what it is... It's the first one that kids wouldn't get right?

By Waterboyr
MinerKombat1557 wrote:LOL


My first game was the old hoenn pokemon mystery dungeon... I picked a totodile. I raged for the first three minutes for I thought it was a normal pokemon game lol I didn't look. I was younger =P.
But it was awesome and totodile is awesome too.
By Blaze150
#58026 Hey this is pretty funny but don't get me wrong i despise DC
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By Waterboyr
Blaze150 wrote:Hey this is pretty funny but don't get me wrong i despise DC

My life is now happy.
By Waterboyr
"Gyaaaag!" The dragon groaned as he collapsed on his back. The battle had ended, and he winced as he heard his opponent chuckle above him.

"What? Dang, I lost again!" A frustrated female voice called out from behind the battle lines. Maria, a veteran trainer, sighed as she slumped in defeat. Once again, her best friend A's Pokemon had bested hers. Despite her skill and her partners' talents, she could seem to beat her one-time league champion friend.

"Hey, it's no biggie," A said, crossing the arena floor to help her rebound. "Come on, let's go get some lunch."

Maria smiled and shook hands with A, looking around. Now that her focus was off the intense Pokemon battle, she had a chance to look around. Fortunately, Pokemon battles were pretty common around Crossroads; usually A's managed to gather a crowd, but this time they'd been left alone. However, fewer people had let her concentrate more on the match, but less on the world around her, or even herself. She WAS pretty hungry at this point. Grinning, she leaned with one hand on her hip and smugly said, "Alright, but you're buying!"

"Haha, yeah sure." A responded, then walked off with Maria. "Have fun, you two!" Maria turned and winked at their Pokemon, A's old friend Arbok and her own Charizard who still laid defeated on the dusty arena floor.

Their battle had taken long enough for the noon sun to reach its peak, so a meal seemed like a good idea--but not just to the two trainers!

"Dang...I lost," Charizard sighed and looked around anxiously, scratching behind his neck with one talon. His old rival Arbok had wasted no time; as soon as their trainers had gone, she'd begun coiling her tail under his back and around his neck, just to stop any chance for him to run away from paying up on their bargain.

"Well, a deal's a deal!" Arbok practically purred, smiling excitedly at her friend. She traced along Charizard's cheek gently in a taunting gesture; a mighty Fire type Pokemon tickled by a serpentine foe.

Blushing, Charizard stammered out "Yeah,, what'll it be?" He rolled his eyes a bit as he guessed at her answer. "The usual?"

"You know it!" Arbok giggled. That giggle, Charizard thought, it's totally absurd how girly and naive she can act. She's a powerhouse and she knows it, but she chooses to be so laid back. "Ugh, you're always a tease," Charizard grumbled. His eyes betrayed what he was actually thinking, though.

For the long time they'd known each other, Charizard had tried to share some amount of affection for Arbok. She different from any Pokemon--no, any other creature he'd known. Yet every time, behind that ridiculous but lovely smile and deceptively strong stretch of purple scales, Arbok's heart was unshakeable. So why does she tease me, when...

Arbok's words cut off Charizard's frustration. "Oh, but, you know A and I are together." She leaned in closer to continue teasing her friend, her red eyes more perceptive then pushy. She understood his confusion even as she traced under her chin with her long, silky tongue.

Better not to avoid it, to just be honest. "Yeah, but you always do this in such a teasing, intimate manner."

That which Charizard was referring to was the price he'd pay when losing a battle. Since they were younger, Arbok and he had challenged each other to be the victor of their trainer's bouts. When Charizard won, he'd get a chance to do one of Arbok's LEAST favorite things: he'd carry her high into the air and fly around, laughing as the scared serpent wriggled around. With coils quite used to terra firma beneath her, or at least tree tops to slither across? Free-flight in the sky freaked Arbok out!

But, when she'd win...well, she'd use her talents to have one of her favorite pastimes: voring her friends, swallowing them whole and alive and forcing them to stay a spell inside her stretchy stomach cavity. She'd never harm them of course, but Arbok loved the feeling of a full belly. It's a custom, a habit, almost a common trend between her and her closest friend, A. And, when fate brought them together? She'd tease the big, burning lug Charizard in the same way. Of course, only the biggest wild Arbok would be big enough to swallow a Charizard whole, and certainly without the care and almost sensual caution she'd give. But as Charizard knew well, she was no normal Arbok.

"Hehe," Arbok chuckled, "Force of habit I guess. I also do this to A a lot, and well, in a way it's always intimate." The thought of that closeness brought a gleam to Arbok's eye, one that she held onto. Memories made a marvelous appetizer to the meal she had planned.

But Charizard was looking up into her eyes again and noticed that gleam, and repeated his frustrations. "But you don't even hesitate with him..."

Instead of responding right away to Charizard's lament, Arbok opened her mouth wide around his head, and with the help of her tail guided him inside her maw. His head lay parallel with her tongue, which let her keep tickling under his chin with short, silky flicks.

"Mmmmmhhh..." His flavor was downright distracting, so different from A's. Firey, bold, made her salivate a little onto his neck, which brought a blush to her cheeks as she got overexcited about her meal. "Like I said, A and I are together." Just saying those words felt good to her. Two different species, sharing a very DIFFERENT sort of companionship, yet also loving each other like two humans or two of the smarter, sentient Pokemon would? Not unheard of in her world, but still rare.

Charizard tried to keep his mind off of her sticky saliva and gums, which almost glowed with excitement at her process. "Mmmrgh...he's not even a Pokemon. Are you sure about that?" He wasn't trying to be rude, but getting involved in a relationship like her's was risky. Obviously people and Pokemon couldn't reproduce or even share in certain intimacies the way married human or Poke-couples (or merely mating ones) would, and there'd always be a divide because of that and just their different species status in general.

In truth, Charizard wasn't being self-centered as he was suggesting himself as a date. He and Arbok had been friends a long while, they'd talked about plenty of personal things before. And, well, love was a pretty darn personal thing to discuss, one that he cared about...but he shook off that thought when a drop of dripping drool landed on his snout. He STILL didn't get just how he had enough room to not be crushed up against the roof of her mouth--though, he knew the tight spot was coming up soon.

"He SOMETIMES is an Arbok, too," Arbok huffed in defense of A. "...With the help of some friends." She giggled again as she thought of Emily's crazy powers, jinxing A into an Arbok several times smaller than she was! What an adventure that'd been!

SPEAKING of adventures, she thought, it's about time this big guy goes on his. She closed her eyes and grinned, tightening her lips and pulsing her coiled tail half to push Charizard further inside her body. His head squeezed fully into her throat with a beginning GULP!

Charizard looked with one eye open as his surroundings grew darker, a crimson color as Arbok's esophagus opened around him. Glistening with her slimy internal coating, the whole of her throat made his heart rate increase. It was a natural fear; not of being preyed on, but that the wetness inside Arbok would extinguish his tail fire. Charizard and his whole evolutionary line had their health tied close to the fires that burn on the tips of their tails; the dimmer that flame, the more likely they are to get sick, or worse. And while Arbok had never harmed him before (outside of battles!), it was natural to be afraid of wet surfaces...especially close, surrounding, squishy and slimy ones!

"Uurrf...getting a bit tight," Charizard chided. Arbok wasn't worried at all, happily slurping up his back slowly. He bent his wings in a little, retracting them tightly but not too badly so she could safely bring her mandibles around them. "Mmmmmh~" she hummed, "Just keep moving like that." Her ease and calm helped Charizard a little, so he thought of tucking his arms and legs in as well and wiggling a bit--both for his comfort and safety, and her's.

"Careful with the wings," he called back up her throat. It was so odd, hearing his own voice echo around her insides as she kept steadily swallowing. He felt his whole lower half getting sloppy and soaked with her saliva. "Don't worry, i'll be gentle," Arbok reassured him. His leathery wings were the most delicate part of this dinner, as he was rather sensitive in them and they tended to stick farther out even when tucked close to his back.

"Urgh..." he mumbled as he felt her lift the remainder of his non-ingested body off the ground.

"I know, I know," she tried to calm him. He'd felt her whole body shift...she'd made herself taller by re-coiling, allowing a long, smooth slide down to her stomach. Arbok felt Charizard nearly sink into her stomach already, so she laid down fully to finish up her snack. "Almost there!"

That note from Arbok was almost unnecessary though, because Charizard's uncertainty was slowly disappearing. Her internal heat had soothed better than her words, her soft and squishy gullet like a warm wave with each swallow. Arbok's heartbeat helped too, reminding Charizard of a steadier rhythm. So relaxed, so strong...He had to admit it:

"Well, to be honest it's quite nice inside here." He felt so dumb for saying that, but it was true. The tightness was almost all gone, replaced by the intimate comfort of closeness to a loved one's heart and the general comfort of her pillow-like belly.

Arbok loved hearing those words. It was a genuine sign that she'd been a good predator, getting all the delight of a delicious meal while still keeping her prey cozy. "Hehe, grows on you doesn't it?" She felt his body about to enter her belly, so she lifted her head again with only the flickering tip of his tail outside her body. "Well, your tail's next, you ready?"

Charizard squirmed a bit as he entered her stomach, concerned as he wiggled his tail far above to make sure it was ok. "I suppose...Just be gentle--"

No sooner had he said that had Arbok snapped her jaws shut with a glowing grin, as the flame "licked" at the roof of her mouth she licked at it with her tongue!

"Yeeouch! Hey! I told you to be gentle!" Charizard shouted, squishing against her stomach walls in retribution. Though, poking around inside Arbok makes for pretty poor payback, since she loved the feeling.

"Oh, sorry!" Arbok apologized for getting carried away. She tilted her head back and with one final swallow slurped Charizard's tail down inside her. Within seconds his whole body was bunched up inside her long belly. Blushing with the delight of having a full tummy, Arbok basked in the sunlight for a bit, cooing at the friend now cozy in her insides. However, Charizard was remaining silent; he was distracted by something, and the closeness within her stomach had given him a sense of...well, fulfillment. He liked this--not necessarily being her meal in general, but having a female friend he could draw this close to.

Arbok was thinking as she relaxed, too--thinking about her and A, wondering when he and Maria would be back. But every thought reminded him of her ingested friend's heartsick moping earlier, after their battle. Suddenly, she got an idea, inspired by some new news from back at the Manor.

"Hey, hey in there," she poked her tummy with her tail to get Charizard's attention. "Tell you what, I hear Serperior's interested in Fire-types! You might just have a chance with her!"

She fought back a laugh as she felt Charizard perk up inside her stomach. "Oh? W-well...that's certainly news!"

"Mmmhm! And, for being such a dear, I'll even help you out with her," Arbok promised.

"Really?" Hearing Charizard's legitimate excitement at the idea made her proud. "Oh of course," she smiled and said. It was the least she could do, and really, realizing her home-mate Serperior's likes in a potential partner couldn't have come about at a better time. She smiled because she thought, this could really have a chance at working out. Their personalities are similar, and despite her being here a few years Charizard barely knows's not like I'll force it or anything, but...who knows? She couldn't help but be optimistic; maybe it was the warmth generated by her full belly, but Arbok was positive this would work out.

And, deep inside Arbok's internal embrace, a blushing and grateful Charizard thought the very same thing.

This is a MUST MUST MUST read the whole comic and story.
Okay so this may sound weird... but I've always wanted to be the Arbok or Charizard in this stoy. or something similar but this one is a good example. Someone respond to that please lol but it's really weird to say that. But when I think about being one of them I get a tingly feeling and have and urge to be whatever htat is. I also get that when I watch wall wonka and the girl turns into a giant blueberry, and when the boy gets shrunk, played and thrown around with, and tthen stretched.
Also in Gullivers Travels when he is a doll.
Also this too made me do the feeling and urge to be eaten lol... Really weird but 100% true.

If anyone else has had the urge or feeling tell me.