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By Lettucecow
#52026 My worst fear is spiders..... and all bugs for that matter. THERE SO CREEPY!!!!!

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#52042 heights, irony is, i sleep on the top bunk lol (not sure why i still have a bunk bed, my bro doesnt live with me anymore
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By Kuwoobie
#52098 I can't think of anything I'm particularly afraid of, but...

I often dream of being on the road and losing control of my vehicle... or being on the road and seeing tornadoes spawn in every direction... or being on the road and watching large airplanes swoop closer and closer to the ground until the finally collide with something and explode. Maybe I shouldn't drive.
By karrybird
#52109 falling, heights i'm ok with, i just don't want to fall from them. D:

clowns and marionettes also creep me out.
my dad actually bought a clown doll and keeps it in the basement and he wonders why i never leave my room.
By Firespar
#52126 I'm not cock-waving here but there's seriously nothing in particular that bothers me. I'm okay with heights, I don't mind spiders or snakes, I'm fine with water... I dunno. It's not that I'm brave or anything, I'm just crazy.
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By Rzxa
#52156 Can I put on what I'm scared of this is a list of things
Creepy pasta
Disgusting stuff
Spiders *if they aren't radioactive *
Scary stuff
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By Roark196
#52607 Enclosed spaces and being stuck. I never like to go in places that are cramped and small. For heights, the only problem is that I'm tempted to look down and it gives me a falling feeling.
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By KuryoZT
#52624 People