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By AnDwHaT5
#55194 Really! What is with all the hate on gen 3 pokemon. I think it is one of the best i mean i do see what people mean by some well..... looking stupid but the story line was cool and the region was prob my favorite out of all of them. My question is why do you like/hate gen 3. I like it because of the story line and uniqueness in the pokemon and the new moves!

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By Css1234567890123
#55232 I agree with you on this, I love Generation 3, I really liked Emerald, the aspect of having to deal with two teams at once, I liked most of the Pokemon from that Generation, I don't really see why people hated it as well, but I sure did like it a bunch.
By gamingnut2
#55253 i like it, and yeah pokemon is a cartoon but they changed the art style a lot which is my main thing about it.
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#55272 most people here like it, mainly because they are scrubs and started with that one. I'm the only person you'll most likely see not liking it because the surfing killed the game for me..... so.... fucking boring
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By Overreactedosbol
#55308 hmmm yeah, it is kinda lame game. I played it thru twice, and the third time i didn't even get past Brawly out of lazyness :S
By Lettucecow
#55318 GEN 3 IS THE BEST! Its my favorite gen! Emerald is my favorite pokemon game!
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By AnDwHaT5
#55320 Finaly people that agree!!!!!!! I have heard non stop complaints on how it "sucked" and i got sick of it and i wanted to see why. Looks like they arnt for the most part posting here which is sorta bad because i want to see why...
#55326 I personally played all the gens and the second gen is my second favourite, the fourth gen is my favourite I had awesome moments with diamond, pearl and platinum :,). The first gen and the second gen: I like them but I've never felt in love because when I was playing Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Fire red/Leaf green I was 7-8 years old :/.
The fifth gen is, for me, good but not as the third.
By Krystal the Phione~
SPG wrote:most people here like it, mainly because they are scrubs and started with that one.

I found Gen 3 to be a great set of games and I started with Blue version. I didn't have any problems with the game and still play it today. Don't assume most people like it because it's the game they started with. I do agree with you on one thing though... There is a bit too much water. >.<