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By Roark196
#57775 Lately, I haven't found anything to do in my spare time. I started to work with Techne again, then decided to model something from another Nintendo franchise. Heres what I ended up making:


I'd like someone's opinion on how it looks.

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By Roark196
#57863 I might be a Pokemon fan, but the Zelda series was the one I was first introduced to. Links Awakening was my first game ever. I've played about every main Zelda game, except Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword.
By Lettucecow
#57885 I never really got into Zelda, I can just by looking at it, tell the games are great but I never really took a liking to it myself.
By Waterboyr
#57886 Oh... Well I'm not a big Zelda fan line I don't not like it I'm just not like one of the fans...