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By killthepast
#75075 just somewhere other then his channel where you can pour hate on him, he is an asshole and i hope he dies and gets raped by seagulls

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#75095 dont worry, we already got our lawyers (literally) to deal with it, he will be down for copyright shortly, have fun though
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By Kuwoobie
MinerKombat1557 wrote:pretending to be th creator of pixelmon and sayiong he contolls the whole mod...

Oh. Could you like where he says that? I looked through his channel a bit but couldn't find anything.
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By Rzxa
#75101 I think this guy needs to be jailed but i think we can't because we based this mod on a game but we should tell all of those people who believe on him that his a fraud so he loose viewers and he will stop
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By Tom_X
#75236 Youtube will remove it since it goes against this mod's copywright, they have to, plus Mr.M has already sent many reports on him and it's only a matter of time for him to be banned. In the meantime, have a laugh on his videos and the things he says are going to be added, but are not