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By karrybird
Sundial_MC wrote:I'm guessing you're male

For me,
I really wanted Xerneas to be Fairy/Steel type, because, heck, sword feet! But I'm still going with X - oh, I'm not ordering it or anything, I always play with an emulator .-. ;-;

but the mega mewtwo x
.-. ew

playing on an emulator instead of buying the game? shame on you D:
i heard that there isn't even an emulator for 3ds games anyway. i could be wrong.

By Waterboyr
#77925 *cries
"Anyone else thinks mega-evolutions is a bit too overrated? And the new pokemon evoltions like the frog's second evolution has toothpick thin arms. But hey they already made some of the best Pokémon. They should stall by remaking Kanto again or maybe remaking Hoenn or even Sinnoh.
By S_Kunai
#78239 I pre-ordered Y a few weeks ago. Can't wait for it. I also got that poster you talked about Burgy. So cool looking!

SPG, that 3DS XL is pretty awesome.