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By Veleno
#80285 hi I was thinking a fun game associate all the pokemon 2nd generation for each new biome of 1.7, for the uninitiated the new biomes are:
Savana plateau
extreme Hills +
roofed forest
Birch forest
Stone Beach
Deep Ocean
New taiga (without snow)
Mega taiga
Jungle edge
Mesa plateau
sunflower plains
Flower forest
Ice plains ... k%C3%A9mon)

By Veleno
#80289 WHY THOSE OF THE FIRST GENERATION have already settled.
would be a bad thing to disable the new biomes because they are very beautiful

I start

Sunkern = sunflower plains
Skarmory = Mesa plateau
Mantine = Deep Ocean
Bellossom = Flower forest
Natu = roofed forest
Aipom = roofed forest / Jungle edge
Wooper = Stone Beach
Ledyba = Birch forest
Spinarak = roofed forest
Chinchou = Deep Ocean
Hoothoot = roofed forest
Sentret = extreme Hills +
Hoppip = Jungle board
Sudowoodo = savanna
Yanma = Flower forest
Murkrow = roofed forest
Misdreavus = Misdreavus
Girafarig = savannah
Pineco = taiga
Snubbull = Savannah plateau
Heracross = Flower forest
Sneasel = Ice plains
Teddiursa = New taiga
Slugmas = extreme Hills +
Corsola = Deep Ocean
Houndour = savannah
Phanpy = savannah
Stantler = Birch forest
Entei = extreme Hills +
Raikou = Mega taiga
Suicune = Stone Beach
Larvitar = Savannah plateau
Lugia = Ice plains
Ho-Oh = Mesa
Celebi = Jungle edge
Delibird = Mega taiga
Octillery = Stone Beach
Remoraid = River
Togepi = Flower forest
Pichu = Birch forest
Chikorita = Jungle edge
Cyndaquil = Flower forest
Totodile = Stone Beach