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By Nova Spartan
#80952 Seeing how this is the "Off Topic" forum, it doesn't need to be just about Pokemon and Minecraft. (right?)

What other games and systems do you play on currently?

As for me, i'm both a Console (Xbox 360) gamer and PC Gamer. When i'm playing on my 360, I usually tend to play games like Battlefield, Halo, and a few others. On PC, i'm a huge Star Wars fan, so of course I play Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (I can't wait for Battlefront 3 in 2015!) and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Other than that. Minecraft of course and a few others.

What about you guys?

By Waterboyr
#81192 CoD though it's getting old on Xbox 360 and things like Castle Crashers and MASS EFFECT on PC and Xbox 360 I bought the three on both because I was addicted to it...
And some PC games,
By Nadaur
#81834 PC - FPS Games, Minecraft, SimCity (2013 is bad), Game Dev Tycoon and Battlefield 4(Future)
3DS XL (Buying this Christmas) - Pokemon Y, Kingdom Hearts 3D and JRPG's
PS4 (Next Year) - Minecraft, PlanetSide , AC4, Killzone, BR and more.