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By Darkpraline
#82790 Hi guys my name is darkpraline,

I recently made a channel on youtube and i want to make video's about minecraft so i combined minecraft with my favourite mod "Pixelmon". I made a video about the first theme song of pokémon in minecraft. I really worked hard on it, hope u guys like it and don't forget to subscribe :).

By Waterboyr
MoeBoy76 wrote:my only problem with this is that you used the original pokemon theme

Well he isn't like a professional lol. Yeah he is going to make one all by himself. THat takes A LOT of time to make one on your own with different music. And a singer and band is needed and professional programmers and programs that cost money. So yeah.
By Waterboyr
MoeBoy76 wrote:Actually it isn't that difficult and all i meant was that he could have used a non pokemon song or made a remix

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By Burgy
MoeBoy76 wrote:no seriously, music is easy to make and there are plenty of free programs

Abelton offers a free trial, FL Studios has a demo mode, Anvil Studio is pretty good for composing music, TuXPenquin is free guitar and drum shtuff.
And any software can be torrented.

Plus, once you have a basic sens of rhythm/and/or/Theory its very easy,
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By Burgy
#83903 There doesn't have to be vocals to a song....
The most known trailer for a movie is the Inception Trailer, it has no lyrics in the song.
By Waterboyr
#83941 Yes but this is supposed to be the pixelmon them like the pokemon one and the way he made it it would have singing or it would make no since. Okay we got off-topic.