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By rockwayportals
#82961 I remember back when I was 7, I got my first Pokemon game. Platinum, the age of Sinnoh. I know every Sinnoh Pokemon by heart, and Platinum is still my favorite Pokemon game. I remember first starting the game, I wouldn't stop playing it! Every time I caught a Pokemon I would run out and tell my dad what I got. By far my favorite Pokemon is Turtwig. My first starter who I named WINNER for two reasons, A. I didn't know how to go on lowercase, B. I was seven. I think the name had some good luck too, I only lost a battle about 5 times in the entire game! I still love WINNER, and I'm going to figure out how to transfer him to Y.

Now, what was YOUR first game and YOUR first experience?

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By Nova Spartan
#82986 My first pokemon game was Pokemon Yellow, but I was WAY too young to know what I was doing. I didn't really get into it until Pokemon Sapphire. I spent so much time on that one lol.
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By KuryoZT
#82994 First game Yellow
First experience from the rival's eevee, of course.
But serioulsy, I loved that game, but I'm not a 1-gen only fan.
I'm loving the last one, and we can even get Charizard, I'm loving it. Just got Yvetal and....
My first game is still kicking, with like 800+ hours on it, and 3+ saves made. Heck yeah, that was the good old time, sneaking the game out when parents went to sleep, and played until morning.
I kept it up until my mom came waking me up, and I said "I beat that gym leader than I come eat breakfast", yeah, not such a smart choice, I agree. *whistles*
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By cannonite
#83088 My first game was pokemon Red Mystery Dungeon and my first experience was of course the quiz which I being seven answered honestly and got Treecko and picked Cyndaquil as my partner. I logged hour upon hour recruited every cool pokemon I could find. got all the legendaries (Except Deoxys the Regirock Regice and Registeel and Mew) got my Sceptile to Level 100 and had a general blast with the story and all the after game bosses. I've been recently replaying the game again answering the quiz honestly again. I got Pikachu this time with Charmander as my partner. (No idea why since I don't like charizard that much)
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By Dracoman355
#83938 My first pokemon game was yellow. I remember trying to figure out how to get a differant pokemon to follow me for like an hour xD
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By Burgy
#112707 When I was like 10 I got the original Pokemon red with a hand-me down turquoise gameboy colour.
It was actually my very first video game I had ever played, and I remember that all I would do was level my Charmander and I got a level 100 Charizaed and just brute forced everything. And remembered playing against my baby sitter because she had yellow and I'd always rek her.
(My science teacher this semester is actually my baby sitter's mom ;o)
By 1Charak2
#112971 pokemon Firered Watched my freind play it Was preety danm interested So He let me borrow it...

and i did not know what everything was so i made his charizard learn strenth so it would be strong...

eventually i got myself emerald and ive played ever since