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By dungeonlord
#88169 a little info about myself, i picked up a yellow on its release day and played that until i got a gold. sombody stole my gold so i got a crystal (big mistake i should have got another gold) and proceded to spend 1000+ hours playing it. got a sapphire shortly after its release and played it off and on for about a year till my advance sp broke and i missed the next gen of pokemon and looked into gettin a new game but didnt feel like relearning everything again. so my choices are going to be mostly gen1-3 since honestly i dont know the others

normal: snorlaxImage been one of the best pokemon since pokemon started godly hp, high sp.def, and enough attack to do some damage

fire: arcanineImage has been my favorite fire type since the first pokemon episode i watched and saw it running in the field durring the into song. kinda peeved that the move pool sucks

water: omastarImage on my first yellow playthrough i got a kabutops second time through i got this and has been my favorite fossil pokemon ever since

electic: magnetonImage liked it in yellow, liked it even more in gsc when steel types were added.

grass: venasaurImage or torterraImage: i have always been a fan of venasaur since i've had the most play time with it, but since playing pixelmon and getting access to newer pokemon i'm starting to like torterra

ice: cloysterImage godly defense (highest defense in the gen 1 games) plus when your near death just use explosion and watch the rage

fighing: heracrossImage my go to for fighting types plus the megahorn move makes people think when sticking their psychics in against it

poison: mukImage dunno why but i've always liked muk

ground: steelixImage 2 immunitys 8 resistances and the 2nd best defense (1st being shuckle) leave it as my all time favorite pokemon, i've won many linked games (with the cord before all this wifi stuff) with one

flying: aerodactylImage what more needs to be said

psychic: metagrossImage very unique typing/stats leaves people unsure on how to deal with it properly

bug: pinsirImage looks awesome and gets a better move pool with every gen

rock: shuckleImage all hail the rage quit machine (sandstorm, wrap, toxic, and rest) easiest way to loose friends

ghost: gengarImage op since its invention

dragon: flygonImage dunno just like it more than kingdra, dragonite, salamence, and rayquaza

dark: tyranitarImage its big powerful looks badass and pwns everything

steel: empoleonImage managed to catch a piplup and even though its new to me i find myself using it a lot and liking every minute of it