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By AnDwHaT5
#90024 Considering generation 6 was just jam packed with features it surprised me quite a bit. The game changed just so much. With this change i am sure expectations of future generations of pokemon have changed too. My point being... they added a completely 3d environment in which you can walk on the z plane in which was never done before by nintendo in any of the other generations of pokemon. With this change and many others it has raised the quality of the games. What are your expectations for the future generations in which may or may not be inspired by this new format?

By Viva_la_pwn3d
#90034 I think the evolution of the series as a whole has evolved at a steady rate and the point where we stand now was all but a nice moderate leap that was really needed. Between the 4th Gen and 5th Gen games not many new feature's were implemented. I feel like if Gamefreak continue's with these risky bounds they are now taking we could see who know's what in another 10 years. I mean now that the 3D stuff is a thing people will start to look at the next best thing which I assume would be Holo Gaming. Even now with the new systems launched for Xbox and Playstation they are looking down the line at how they can evolve their systems to bring in user connectivity. Pokemon, where it has some features like this, always has the ability to expand it's world and give player's new experience's that many of the main big name systems can not.

Many people for year's have been pleading with Gamefreak to do many games including a remake of Ruby and Sapphire. Or the always amazing thought of making a game where all regions come together for one massive game. Where this is the least likely I do still think that there is always the possibility that Gamefreak may just (Hear me out here) give the people what they want. Crazy thought for a gaming company to do right? But I think if anyone has the capability to do so it is them. All this being said in time we will look to today and laugh at how incredibly dull today's games were. Just like how we mock how different today is from the first time many of us picked up a Gameboy back in the late 90's. Hey I have been a fan since the start and I will prob be a fan til the end no matter where this ride takes me. But I hope that whatever ride I am on it will be the great one I hope it will be.
By Waterboyr
#90132 I see three paths. They continue making games as usual but since the first Gameboy games, it's been getting more, um, for children a bit. I see them making it basically for children and nothing for old fans eventually and it becoming sucky.
The second is they keep making it so advanced that it is nothing like the old originals and loses many old fans.
The third is they do what we want and keep it original and awesome.

I see flaws in ever thing so I'm interested to see if GameFreak will be loyal to the new or old fans, the middle fans, or try to do both.