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By Viva_la_pwn3d
#90712 Hello everybody my name is Viva and I am:

-A new Pixelmon beta Tester (I thank ya for having me)
-The Gym Admin for DrrRage's Pixelmon server.
-And a Forum Mod and Mod on the LittleLizard Server.

I would like to say hello to all the new member's of the community. I am also one of the coolest and nicest dude's you will ever meet so make sure to be cool towards me. A little information about my I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Coming at you at the ripe age of 20 (21 In December) I am a member of the US Army as a 11B Infantryman. I tend to be involved some what in my community though my Freemason studies. Attend the University of Lousiville for Mass Com and Computer Apllication and business studies with a Minors in English (I am a livid writter). I an currently taken as in dating (yep I am cool) to one lovely young woman know as Ashley. Blah blah blah personal stuff?..... Nah I'll skip that whole scene.

When it comes down to brass tax I jut wanna say What's up? What's good? Nice to be here in y'alls hood. xD But seriously thanks for letting me be apart of this great community I already love and hope that if people have problems they will come to me cause like i said I am cool and well I just love helping people. You can get in contact with me by messaging me on Skype @ BKCpwnage. And I believe that's it to say, see you on the flip side. Remember to succeed all you need is to be courteous to others, respectful of staff, and always be sexy. Roger that!? Later all.

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By Rzxa
#91286 Hello viva nice to meet you
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By Omio9999
#91387 Welcome aboard. However, it doesn't mean much, coming from me. =P
By Waterboyr
#91402 Well... Your cool considering that post I guess.
Anyways you do computers in college and you like to write and are minoring in it...
That's like basically my college plan! So I like you! Anyway we have roleplay and story section so you can show your creativity and modeling and of course as you know beta testing to show your computer skills.
But you need to know:
3rd most important rule: Don't argue with admins or mods cause they have NO mercy.
2nd most important rule: Worship the great Jim.
Obey SPG and do what he says (He's an admin and mod and like everyone knows him here. He watches everything probably even this post).
Do those things and you'll be fine!