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By ryik
#9993 Tried to make a Shuckle. I quickly gave up because I fail at the roundness of its shell.

Is there supposed to be a certain way to do these things, or is it pure arbitration?

Would also be cool to create a Wailord. Would be 16 blocks tall. ... 161-19.jpg

By Vikerus
#10087 Use geometry. It's the only advice I can give.
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By Zariu
#10152 the two ways of rounding are basically offsetting blocks by just a little or lots of angled blocks. I'd suggest looking at the approved models and observing the techniques used to round. Good luck ^^
By Vikerus
#10154 When making a round edge. Try to keep in mind that the degrees used will make it much easier to make seamless joins. A block that is laying flat will line up perfectly with one rotated to 45' simply due to the nature of geometry. But when you rotate always be sure you are doing it from true center. For instance on a 1.1.1. Block you should always start by offsetting x and y to -.5 .