By Jaizor11
#205517 Hello, sorry for make the request here, and I can understand that now the priority is the 8th generation, but I have seem that some models have been remaked and rest only 5 models that need to be remake because it seems to be made by blocks like in pokemon quest.

There are this:
- Drowzee
- Hypno
- Doduo
- Dodrio
- Magmar

I have been cheking the rest of the models of all generation and (thanks to the last updated) this are the last that have this apparience. When I see that models I feel very shocked comparing with the really good quality of the others models.

I would like to help you out with the modeling but I don't have computer skills.

Finally, I would like to give my congratulation for the fantastic work carried out in this game, is superb.

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By LordSamosa
#205518 Remodels aren't exactly priority, our small modelling team is focused on Generation 8. However if you, or someone else, would like to assist with modelling/animations, feel free to DM Rasgnarok#6969 on Discord.
By AlvinCervante
#241410 If you are confident that you will find a way to learn modeling or acquire the necessary skills in the future, it can be very inspiring and motivating. There are many online courses and resources for learning how to model and create content for games.