By Jaryt23
#3123 Hey guys, I've been very inactive lately and I apologize for that. But I wanna get back into the grove of things, but I need help!
Two things I need modeled are:
- Fossil Cleaner

fossil cleaner to have the "style" of the fossil machine.
Thaanks :3

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By MrMasochism
#3244 So yeah if people aren't clear on what jaryt's asking here:

We are wanting a model for a fossil cleaning machine. It'll be a machine that you put fuel into and your fossil and it will animate and clean the fossil so it will be able to go into the fossil reviving machine. Anyone who is keen give it a go!
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Jaryt23 wrote:
SPG wrote:Jaryt, dont tell them the secret, besides, im making it when we get tools

Don't expect them anytime soon bud.

I guess ill make it when i get home, it wont be hard anyways