By M7mad133
#1006 here is my list from the old forums but i updated :)
i only colored the WIP models which are on this forum

By Skylord_Nanbug
#1008 This is cool and easy to tell witch ones need doing, I was about to ask what the colours mean but then I saw the key in the bottom left when I scrolled a bit :P
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By Jack_Attack12
#1050 Machop is WIP :P And xD im sorry but its to big to see is there a problem with the pluggin that shows the picture?
By Yaseen
#1060 I like the way you set it up it makes it much easier to read
By M7mad133
#1072 Thanks yaseen :P
@jack_attack like I said I only put the ones from this forum and it needs to be Worked on not just claimed :)
By Skibb
#1077 I think that that machop is discontinued . There were no updates in the last days .
By Skibb
#1081 Still M7mad133 , don't put it on the list right now . Maybe when the modeler gets back into modelling .