is this model ready to be approved?

By karrybird
#7950 decided to remake eevee, it was in very desperate need of a remake.
hope this is better :)


By karrybird
#7951 oop, the eyes are too big, i'll need to fix that.
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By MrMasochism
#7952 The only thing (apart from the eyes) that i would change is that it's too dark and should be a tone or 2 lighter
By karrybird
karrybird wrote:oop, the eyes are too big, i'll need to fix that.

there, this is a bit better Image

and ok, i'll make it a tad lighter
By kungfumidget
#8040 I really like this eevee much better and for the eyes in the picture I saw it kind of has a sort of caramel brown U shape in its eyes so maybe add that.
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By Jack_Attack12
#8042 I love this model. But spg i do agree with the eyes maybe its how the eyes end. I mean at the point where the eyes are at the nose it ends to abbruptly.
Sorry on phone explained badd
By Yaseen
#8045 Theres something about the eyes, I think there maybe still a little too big, its just seems outa proportion other than that, great model
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By ST392
#14385 The box on top of its head, is that going to be white or clear? It looks as though its almost blocking the ears in this picture.