Is this ready for Approval?

By Dudeman
#1363 Continued from other forum, most of you remember my Poliwhirl model, well now that 1.9.2 is out, I figured I would Texture it. Please take a look and give me any feedback!

Poliwhirl Textured.png

By Skibb
#1364 Wow , just awesome . But it's swirl is hypnotizing me ... And one really small thing , i remember its eyes being round :) And one thing about the feet , look at this pic :


Do you see whats wrong with them yourself ?

Overall it's a great model . Good job ;) I'm sure that Hiroku will code it ingame this weekend .
By Dudeman
#1368 Updated. Made the eyes round like Skibb said and also made the color a little less electric blue.

Poliwhirl Textured 2.png
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By Rados
#1370 I personally really like how the feet are done, great model
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By Pokenerd8
#1371 i love that poliwhirl. but it cant breath D': it dont have a nose. but thats not necessary :P. i will vote approved <3
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By Jack_Attack12
#1372 Some positive feedback!
I love that new/lighter blue, the eyes are perfect now, when i look at the middle it really dose hurt my eyes! just like the real thing!!!! and i vote approved!
By Skibb
#1373 Voted for approved too . It's awesome .
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By Haunts
#1419 I really like this, but having absolutely no animating knowledge whatsoever, is that why the arms are like that?