Is this ready for Approval?

By JurroRath
#1435 Yup. It's better to having moving parts straight out to make it easier for the animators to make it move.

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By Haunts
#1436 ok thanks :D, other wise, my only other nitpick is that it's eyes seem a little too small for the body, but that might just be me, but its really good!
By smegskull
#1483 It is really good, espeialy considering it is trying to make circles out of squares.

I would change the spiral corners though it sorta has an optical illusion effect like arrows pointing to the center.
By smegskull
Jack_Attack12 wrote:Smegskull its ment to have that :) Its ment to be optical illusion feeling

I would still move the centre black vertical bit 1 pixel over to keep a consistent 1 pixel space throughout the spiral.