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By Flairintha
#11797 I really like the way it looks. It could use a little reshaping with the face, and some shading, but I have to say, this looks pretty freaking awesome. I love it. Nice job, and keep up the work! Can't wait to see future models from you!

By davidv78
#11998 I love this model, it should be ingame. But i do like the new sprite better!
By Mundus
davidv78 wrote:I love this model, it should be ingame. But i do like the new sprite better!

Thank you :D Yeah, I can't wait to see what he looks like in X/Y.
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By ryik
#12100 I'm not sure what to think of this-
and I'm the one who wrote it.
Your mewtwo model is magnificent-for what it is.

However, you know as well as I do that that sprite, for better or for worse, is inaccurate. (see below) It is mewtwo, but it is not, as you have said, "refined and polished". In this sense, one could say it isn't mewtwo at all...

take a look at venasaur


Venasaur's height is, officially, not made up of 2/3rds tree.

This is why your model gets all of "us"/"them"/karry, SPG, and others worked up- they find the sprite wholly inaccurate.

And isn't it?

"It's purely subjective preference"

Really, it isn't. The venasaur sprite alone proves that the old sprites were generally incorrect. However, that does not mean that the old sprites are not the pokemon itself, and if the old sprites represent the pokemon, then they may very well be considered the pokemon. It is not subjective preference at all, it is subjective opinion on the logic of the situation-and not actually on whether or whether not the old sprites are correct, It is whether or whether not the old sprites can still be considered that pokemon.

All that being said, it is possible to create a mewtwo model that is accurate and fitting in with modern art of it while it still being an eldritch abomination of a creature. All you need to do is redo the proportions and then add a pose to it or a look to it. (might get tricky with modeling. Harder to think of a way to do it with texturing) Actually, in all, it's not that far off. This model looks short, even for the gen. 1 sprite and I think adding a little height would do wonders. Hopefully.

In the end, it is your decision

As for multiple models, I'd hate that. Think about it in game. You like one model and get the other, you think it has horrible quality and is completely inferior to the other. Your pokemon is dead to you now ("You're dead to me!") and completely useless because you feel you'd just abandon it when you catch the better model when it rolls around. Then again, I'm morbidly OCD~

-Looks short, gen. 1 or otherwise.
-The fingers... I'd recommend not having the finger part connect with the finger bulge part on a flat plane. In other words, move the bulges outward while keeping the finger positions unchanged.

Still, This is a good model. If gen 1 art wasn't updated, this'd be ready for implementation, (then again, I think I say that about anything passable) but since it is, it'll be harder for you to get places with it. The old sprites are harder to match without being completely different from modern sprites. (the color scheme differences make quite a large difference. If it's the correct updated color, it won't match the old sprite, and even if the model is perfect, it'll just look different because of the color differential. If you texture the mewtwo the same as the old games... well.. obviously that's just plain wrong. I'm pretty sure venasaur isn't pure green all over) That is why I recommend you attempt to merge the sprites into your model to have it look monster-ish to you and proportionate to others.

I tried to think of a way to say something about your argument, but they all sound too much like behavioral lessons. Posting in these forums sections is almost literally asking for criticism, and you must not mistake criticism, no matter how persistent and blunt, for an insult of your model.

"Meh, take it or leave it. I'm not making any money off of it, and it took about 20 hours of work to finish."

Never say this. If you say this, it basically means you are denying yourself the possibility that the model will ever be put into pixelmon. This basically means "I don't care if the model isn't good enough." If so, they'd obviously ----

what am I doing. I'm giving a speach on how to speak with care of the effects it has on people. WHAT HAVE I BECOME.
Just keep in mind that SPG isn't... (how do I say this...) He hasn't gained the ability to put points eloquently. (Just as I haven't gained the ability to satisfy myself with short posts and I end up rambling on until I feel I've closed every single last door) As for Karrybird, I think such an argument happened by chance. (S)He really isn't the type to judge or argue, from what little I know of him/her. (S)He's more interested in the specifications of sprites than actual insult-sniping. I'm gonna agree with him/her- be careful not to cast the first stone, it just makes you the bad guy.
Mundus wrote:
well, you post it to get critinism, with that attitude, we are leaving it

looks like you've always been a bit of a dick...

Oh god I'm giving lessons again.

*just have lots of unity mmk*

streamlines the process of everything as a whole.

ok go make lives better now~
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ryik wrote:Just keep in mind that SPG isn't... (how do I say this...) He hasn't gained the ability to put points eloquently.

its ok, i still love you, and to add on to the sprite thing, i find it to be a poor argument because you can look at offical models in gen 1 for pokemon stadium, or you can look at the anime, please keep this in mind, when they were making they games, besides Miyamoto, most of them knew NOTHING about making games, just how to kind of code, so the sprites being bad are expected really, compare gen 1 to gen 2, they really fixed up how bad the sprites worked, and they had the smae pixel space, it just shows how much they improved between then (and they added people to the team) so really, the sprites being bad in the games, is because they were bad at it, not because they wanted them to look like that, the anime and the 3d games are really how they are meant, especially the 3d games because besides them getting a higher poly count, they are the same, excluding eevee, it purposely looked different in pokemon XD: gale of darkness
By Mundus
#12197 I will note your feedback, and make improvements shortly. Thank you.
By Vikerus
#12325 I appreciate the amount of work you put into this. But I agree with one major point. Without taking advice in stride you will only act as a stone in a stream. The model will be no better and no worse.

You should have seen the amount of criticism my Kadabra got through out making it. Literally every detail was effected by the points others made. And it came out really well. With a community project like this. I think it's best to make the model with an eye for everyone's point of view ( easier said then done.) That way the interpretation of the Pokemon is enjoyable for all who wish to use it.

With that being said. I agree with you. I like the more rustic (fossil) look. But the details like the antenna and posture I agree with. The point about the posture is mostly because this is near impossible to animate. Plus it will get old looking at a MewTwo that is always hunched and "stiff." And the antenna will look better pointed more sky ward. Basically I love the style you chose but the model needs to be loosened up and tweaked.
By hotburn101
#13115 I think you should make his hands a little less blocky and wouldn't it be cool if he could wear that suit from the movies just a thought http://media ... _super.jpg
By GuardoUno
#13319 I really really like this model. It is different than the current but personally I kinda like it. Ever since the movie, they tried to make Mewtwo more person-like. But this, this captures the monstrosity aspect and the power that it possess.

Good job. I can tell A LOT of effort went in this model. I say put it in. Haven't seen anyone else even attempt a Mewtwo.
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By Sundial_MC
#16904 Let's say... Hmm... this model, is like an unpolished diamond.
An unpolished diamond, whilst not being as expensive and "rare" as a polished, cut and refined diamond, it's still worth quite a lot. Now, with an unpolished diamond, you gotta cut it and refine it. Then, it becomes rarer, more precious and great.

See what I mean? You just have to change bits of that and that, and out comes a great model for everyone to enjoy.