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By melimelo126
#15310 Here is my cute little nidorina I made.This is my first time on Techne and ''playing'' with cube. I had a hard time with its head. For some unknown reasons, I couldn't use texture Width more that 64. Techne did not give me any other choice.

Sorry for my bad english...

Edit: I put new screenshots of my modified model. I still need to put hd texture but I didn't resolve the resolution problem. =/ I didn't change the eyes because its was too weirds.

Old Model

New Modified Model

By GuardoUno
#15313 Looks alright. The tail needs work. Should be skinnier and I suggest HD textures. Other than that, looks like you have a good framework.
By Lookymon
#15341 The model looks really nice, but I agree, the tail is pretty fat. Also the front legs look a little weird just because of how you positioned them, but that's nothing huge. The eye textures should definitely go on the side of the head, however. Other than that, it's coming along nicely!
By karrybird
#15372 finally, someone who's on more of the right track with this fella!
that's not to say there are some issues that need to be dealt with, but it looks great so far.

first, the neck is too long. nidorina has a pretty short neck.
the front legs should bend in the opposite direction.
the tail is waay too fat as others have mentioned.
with the ears, it would be much better to make it one huge block and make the texture for them manually instead of piling on multiple blocks.
and finally, hd texture, please.
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By melimelo126
#15633 Thank you a lot for your feedbacks !
I will modify her tail and her neck. About the ears, I still prefer to let it like that.

I don't understand what you mean by ''The front legs should bend in the opposite direction.''but I will try to improve them.

''The eye textures should definitely go on the side of the head''
Thank you for the eyes comment.I didn't realize it first and I will modify it. ^^

About HD Texture, like I said in my first post, for some Unknown Reason I can't change the texture width. I am stuck with 64 in Edit Project on Techne. I really don't understand the problem with techne but if anyone could help me about that, that would be really appreciated.