Is Seel ready for approval?


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By zero_breaker
jsnbrown1989 wrote:One thing that i noticed. The horn on its head just looks like a continuation of the stair steps for making the head round. I think the only way to change it is to make it a slightly different color, outline it somehow, change it's size to be slightly smaller or add a bit more blocks here to make a noticeable difference in how it is getting smaller.

Other than that. Same with the dewdong. I love the texture, my only suggestion would be to not staircase the body so much but you described earlier that this would be hard for you to do.

I give it a +1

The horn is pure white, while the body has a blue hue.
Lookymon wrote:It looks really good so far, but why is the muzzle divided into two parts? Also, he has no nose! Having the nose could even fix the first problem because you could simply put the nose in between to connect the two separate pieces of the face. Also, although this isn't necessary at all, why not try giving seel eyebrows like he has in most every picture? It might help it look just that little bit nicer. Looks good otherwise!

/facepalm I need to fix that.
By karrybird
#17528 the tan color you used for the muzzle doesn't work with the colors of the body. make the tan a lot lighter and it will go well with the rest of it.

also, not sure what's going on with the teeth, they look a little bit strange..maybe they're too big?
but other than that, it's pretty good!
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By zero_breaker

Fixed the muzzle color, added nose and connected the muzzles
By karrybird
#17569 there, that looks much better! :)
By Lookymon
#17573 Looks great now! Keep up the great work!