Should I Go For Approval?

By SubjectToReplay
#19613 Here we go guys! Made the leaves bigger, lowered noise level, and added more of a leaf shape on the whip! I will post better pictures tommorow, let me know if there is any thing else I could Improve! And thanks Ledia you're probably the most encouraging person I have ran into on this forum! Good to know I have some talent!


By SubGenesis
#19659 I'll just keep this short and simple; the eyes bear the wrong expression, the leaf on top really needs to be curved maybe use two or more flat blocks joined together so it can curve over it's mouth, it's belly needs to be wider around the sides and needs to curve more smoothly, this possibly needs to be done omertà style
So far however it looks good :)
By kungfumidget
#19663 People arent giving you enough credit for this baby. It is incredibly good and you have improved and taken on board the criticism you have been given. You could improve the eyes slightly (It needs to look menacing) Also improve the top leaf although I dont know how much half the pictures I have seen cover the mouth and half havent.

To make it look rounder just do what you done with the lip of the model if you get what I mean, I understand though how angles are bitches so just have a try at it :P
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By Sundial_MC
#19767 :D
The updated one is sure a change from your first picture! Great job on this.
Oh, and serveral things:

1- The lips: It's not necessary, but could you make them a bit thinner? What's the height of the blocks currently? You could just decrease it by 1, or if that looks weird, you can just copy / paste the whole thing, and overlap it a little bit, but it might be a tedious job to do.

2- I personally think it doesn't really need a lot more rounding - looks good how it is. It might just be the camera angle, but if you have not already, maybe put 1 ~ 2 blocks at the bottom? It'd look a lot better then.

3- I really think that Victreebel could use some more spots, if you look at your avatar sprite, it has much more dots. Also, try and experiment with the eye texture a bit, make the sides more slanted like \__/ something like that.

You've got yourself a great model there!
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By Hypnose
#19892 I's lookin' great, I love the improvements you've made so far. As far as criticism goes, I don't want to say anything that's been said before so I'll try not to. :) In addition to more spots it think they should be a bit more green. Also I think the lip could be bulled out a tad. If you look at images of Victoreebel, he's almost vase shaped and his lip is kind of puffed out.
By SubjectToReplay
#20103 Not sure if you guys can see but I have took ParahaxedGames advice and updated the original post with the improvements! I think this is the preffered way to do such things? lol
By SubGenesis
#20165 Looks much better

But what I was wondering is wheather slightly altering the shade across the model would make it look better i.e. If you made the front bit (the belly sack thing) slightly lighter, it might look better, since there's a round patch of a lighter shade of green on your avatar, to make it look rounder
karrybird is probably the expert to talk to about this though
The texture itself though is really nice (and the model)
By Ledia
#20220 Oh my! I thought it looked cool before! It's really amazing how you made such a derpy pokemon look so... intimidating! You really are a phenomenal modeler, the pace you work and your ability to tune in to the feedback you receive is really shining through in this one! This will be on the approval thread before someone can mutter 'Gary is a jerk butt!'

It looks so much more dark now, for being a floppy plant I think that's quite the accomplishment! You're a gem Subject to replay!
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By Sundial_MC
#20224 :D It's so much more... fashionable?

Just a few more little things:
1- You made the eyes look like /__/, while it is actually \__/. It sorta looks weird a bit. Also, IMO there is a bit too much shading.

2- Not sure if the odd angle or not, but the front side looks a bit irregular, and for the blocks on the sides... they do need to be improved a bit.

This is looking good!
By SubjectToReplay
#20526 Alright peoples, this model sure has come a long way! Glad it is acceptable even though it's only my second model! Think I finally think I got the eyes right. Thanks for correcting my many attempts Sundial_MC. Hope I can move this along to approval now! If you were any more positive Ledia I don't know what I would do! Great community we have here! Well enough speech, I have a suprise!

Shiny Texture:

Taddah! Am I supposed to do a poll before moving this to model approval?