Is Graveler ready for approval?

By Omerta
#1972 Decided to go with the grey texture so that it's similar to Geodude. Any more comments/criticisms before I send it off for approval?


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By Rados
#1983 This is a very dificult model and you've done an incredible job, great model
By Skibb
#1984 It's awesome . Just add some more bumps and im 100% happy .
By Dudeman
#1993 Dang! This is awesome! To be completely honest, I say the same thing Skibb says. It looks a little too smooth right now, but wow I can't wait to see this up for approval very soon.
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By Jack_Attack12
#2014 Wow. Cant wait to see this in game. It a great model just a couple more bumps?
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By Tom_X
#2020 It's an awesome model. The only thing I'd do, apart from adding more bumps to it, would be to make the other two arms (the ones sticked to its body) a little thicker, they seem too flat compared to the other ones. Apart from that, it's good for me
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By Haunts
#2041 Best thing I've seen since butter on toast, but my only complaint is, the color seems off, in the sprites and later anime, it's depicted as a grey similar to geodudes, It's shiny however looks like it's made of mud, so if this was put into tha game as is, it would look very similar to it's eventual shiny form. also, I really like that outline effect, I do that too sometimes.