By Belenos3602
#22710 This is one of the 2 first attempts i made at modeling and i need feedback so im uploading the dewgong i made. i hope people enjoy im going to work on texturing it as soon as i figure it out.

By kungfumidget
#22743 This is an excellent model for a beginner, you can definitely tell what the pokemon is, but make it look rounder so it doesnt look like a staircase.
By Belenos3602
#22850 working on it now i also realized that it looked much more seel and am fixing tat now should have a new model to show soon
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By Sundial_MC
#22889 Oh my god, this is awesome for a first model!
The tail seems a bit too long though...
By Belenos3602
#22987 i took your tail advice and shortened it i need to know further steps to take on it other then texturing because i still havent figured it out
By Jumpyporcupine
#22992 Still not feeling the tail. It looks more like a lizard's tail with some added on flukes. Make it more like this Image
By ApocolypticMew
#25847 This model is truely amazing for your first one, i can say that as i'm a first modeler and currently in the process in figuring out how to upload my tirtouga model, thats tiny and under high work as i comment i see a good modeling future for you
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By Tom_X
#28950 This is really good, apart from what's been said, can't find any real problem with it. Just one thing: could you name the pieces of the model? it's easier for you, and for the coders