By tallguitarmandude
#23863 I just made my first model, Figured i would start off with something pretty easy. So here is Eggsecute. The texture needs work obviously. Constructive critisism is accepted. And any help would be good too.

I am wondering if I can get the texture more HD so the blocks arent so big and I can make eyes and a mouth that actually look the way they should.... If anyone has any Ideas for me, or wants to make this model better just say so...

eggsecute pic.PNG

By JurroRath
#23889 Moved to Beginner Model Feedback.

Anyway, what you're looking for are the various texture tutorials that we have. Allow me to give you a couple of links;

HD Texturing

Karry's Guide to Sexy Textures

As for the model itself, I'd recommend making it bigger- not with GIScale, since that just makes it LOOK bigger, it doesn't actually make it bigger- and putting a bit more detail into it. I know, I know, there's not a lot more detail you could add, but it would give you more room to make them look less blocky looking.