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By Birdy51
#52487 Bwahahahaaa!

I am sorry for bumping this... But, I was the one who made that flying bus of an Aerodactyl on the front page. The bad one. :P

I never actually put it in to be judged, so I am surprised that it actually managed to find it's way into the mod. Someone must have picked up and finished where I left off. O.o

That said... Fantastic job on your own Aerodactyl. It looks far better than my monstrosity!

By darkblade127218
#61835 I don't know but can I try, I'm very good with perspective on Pokémon, Pikachu will be easy, (I beaten yellow 5 times and always had Pikachu with me in emerald because only electric type I liked [Electrike took to long to train] ) can I have the model and I can try it as a first model, I don't care how badly it ends up, I just need to know if it really is hard or fun or whatever occurs. can you send me the modeler? also great job, man I wish I can try to do a great job on the Pikachu like that.