Now, Do you guys think my Mewtwo is ready to be approved?

By Boogaluke
#26929 I think if you added rotated blocks for the head, it might look better. Like this:

Ignore the periods lol
Sorry I'm on my phone

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By darksideJr
#27146 Image
The eyes face forward, well kinda! Let me know what you think!
By Ewcongogamer
#27186 I think the horns need to go more up, and the chest needs a bit of work. Another thing that could do a bit more is the purple part on the body to be more round. :) Looks good so far :) Last thing texturing some chest shadows could help
By lugiaisbeast101
#27624 What I meant with the body is that you should make it longer like so.


I just feel that Mewtwo looks a bit like a midget currently (No offense meant). I think that will better it slightly. As for the eyes, I cannot give any helpful comments as texturing is not my main point. I'll try to copy your head and mess around with it to see the best way to do it, or maybe a wild Karry can appear from the bushes to give you insight :) To move more then one object at once, hold shift and click the other shapes. If you click more then 3, it will start lagging, get stronger the more you click.
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By darksideJr
#28090 Alright work has been busy and I Haven't been able to work on him but here he is!


I made him taller, rounded out his stomach, and added texture to his chest and shadows to his mouth and under the chest. let me know what you think.
By lugiaisbeast101
#28107 Now that's what I call a Mewtwo! The eyes are bugging me, the part around it doesn't either have A-the same noise as the rest of the body or B-the textures different. I can't give much criticism because you've finished all the main things that were bugging me, so all I can say now is that I wish I could catch it in game :cry: . Everyone has their own opinion so try and wait for some other guys to post feedback.

!IMPORTANT NOTE! Post your current progress on the beginning page by Editing the post with your first pictures. In doing this, people will see the progress right away, and some people won't think you haven't made any progress, thus not commenting, keep that in mind.
By Ewcongogamer
#28134 The horns are still bugging me they need to go up, all the pics i see they are vertical.
By fartmasterf
#28139 It looks so great! I absolutely love it! And I found your Wailord which I absolutely love also. You are a good modeler :D