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By Pokenerd8
#11169 thing is if i tried to make this smooth. it will have parts sticking out all over the place. + idea for an animation is went it moves it makes its head squish up and down. and smoothing it might make it waaaay harder on animators. unless they tell me other wise.

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By KuryoZT
#11213 I compared the Techne picture to the sig, missing skirt and bra!
Serisouly looks awsome
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By ST392
#11450 Wow that must have taken some time. Very nice model, can't wait to catch one in game.
By SubGenesis
SPG wrote:
Tom_X wrote:It's awesome, I can't wait to see what things animators will do to this (the "transforming into other pk" animation o_O )

Im pretty sure it will just be a particle effect : p

I just thought of a great way of animating this; if you used the gi scale to flatten him (a lot) and widen him so he looks like a puddle of gloop, then add a particle effect, swap the models in the middle of this (the new one also being flat) and then this new model rises up again to it's normal proportions.

So in total this will look like ditto dematerialises and sinks down into what looks like a puddle and then rises back up again as a different pokemon.

I think I will also stick this on 'model ideas' to see what everyone thinks of this
By Waterboyr
#31540 Great pokenerd you have real talent in all of your models! =D