is this model ready to be approved?

By karrybird
#2690 i got a lot of suggestions the last time for what to make next, but i went with fearow because i like the birdies :3


By karrybird
#2705 well, the wings can't fold, should i have made it so that they could? D:
By karrybird
#2707 darn, really? that will be a huge hassle to change D: and they were a butt to make in the first place.
how exactly do you want them changed?
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By MrMasochism
#2709 I don't think they need to be changed personally. I think we can make fearow be the first in the new spawning category, "air persistent" which means he'll spawn in the sky and never land. When he's on the ground (from being sent out or something) he can just hover while flapping
By karrybird
#2711 yeah, but isn't flygon that way to? always flying/hovering
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#2715 even if, he still needs to flap his wings, all you have to do is cut in half, no rotating to anything, you use the same texture and everything, its actually fairly simple, the only thing you have to move is the new block you need for the other hlaf of the wing
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By Jack_Attack12
#2725 thats a amazing model with an amazing ttexture !!!! Congrats. But i dont think ferrow should be found on the ground. :) Would be harder to obtain, witch i like