is this model ready to be approved?


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By Rados
#2732 Great model, looking forward for seeing it ingame and animated
By karrybird
shadowolf96236 wrote:wow. you are incredible O.o you made this sooo quickly too!!

i can get these guys made pretty quickly, the textures can be a bit of pain though with how long they take XD

but thank you, to everyone else too! i'm so glad you guys like my models :')
By Omerta
#2751 This is probably the best texture I've seen on a model so far. Great job! Like SPG I would love to see the wings split into two pieces. Even if Fearow ends up being a Pokemon that is constantly flying, I think the animation would look infinitely better if the wings could bend as they flap. You should be able to just split the wing parts into two pieces and then all you really would have to do is adjust the texture offsets, and you'd be done. No reworking the texture or anything.

Either way I'm happy with this model and can't wait to see it in-game.
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By Tom_X
#2755 This model is great, I love its texture
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By pokedit
#52009 i have a suggestion for a ferrow shiny texture please cause i caught a shiny ferrow and i am not happy at all i understand that its hard to make texures but its not a demand thank you for your time