is this model ready to be approved?

By karrybird
Skibb wrote:You are REALLY hood with HD texture . Wow . Like many people said before , you should redo some textures of the Pokemon already ingame .

thank you so much! :'D
and i definitely would want to do that too! but it's just that some of the pokemon are kinda awkwardly modeled, if i was to just retexture them, it would just feel a bit weird to me since they aren't exactly how i would want them to look.
haha, if it were up to me i'd fix a few of the models too X'D

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By Tom_X
#3777 The model is awesome, really looks like a real animal :P but that's ok, don't lower the res or change the texture because of it, it just shows how good at textures you are
By karrybird
#20095 ok, fixed up the pose :)

By karrybird
SPG wrote:that one little fix made it much better lol

yay! so should i upload this to the dropbox now then?
By karrybird
#20365 alright, replaced the file that was in the dp :)