is this model ready to be approved?

By karrybird
#2977 i took some of your advice guys when modeling this guy! :)
and i have to say, it's one of my better models :'D
thanks for the critiques, they really are helping me!


28 spikes @[email protected]

i also think he looks like a pinecone from behind : D

edit, made it spikier like a couple people said.


i really like how i did it the first time better, but hey, i hope you guys like it better .3.

By Omerta
#2978 Good job again karry. Another great texture, and I think the simplicity works for you. I really don't have much critique to offer. Your style is much different than mine so it's difficult for me to offer any criticism, but within the context of your modeling style I think this is just about perfect.

I can only offer a couple points to work on, and they're fairly minor. First, the upper arm block clips through the forearm block a bit. Maybe lower it into the forearm slightly? Second (and this may just be my preference), it kinda looks weird from the front since you can't see the eyes. I know you like to keep your models simple and avoid rounding too much, but I think it would look much better if the front sides of the main head block were angled towards the nose. That way at least part of the eye texture could be seen from the front. Again, minor complaints, and of course it's up to you whether or not you want to change them.

Also, be sure to add a poll to these models when you're satisfied with them so we can get them approved and into the game! I believe all of them are about ready to be put to a vote. And keep up the good work!
By karrybird
#2979 ah, you're right about the eye thing, i wonder why i'm just noticing this! well i'll definitely try to angle the face more in future models :)
and thank you so much!
By Boogaluke
#2985 Would it be possible to make the spikes in the back pointed? As well as the claws on the arms/feet? Because Sandslash is well, pointy haha. It would take a lot of time to add the blocks and rotate them into place though, which is a hassle. Aside from the pointy-ness, I really don't see any other major problems with it. Just a few minor adjustments said above and viola, the ultimate sandslash model :)
By karrybird
#2986 oh god, making the spikes the way they are now took a long time, adding on to them would take a lot longer D:
By Skibb
#2990 We don't mind . Please make the things he said pointed.
By karrybird
#3025 alright, i edited it, is it a little better now?
By shadowolf96236
#3051 wow amazing how just those spikes being added made it look even more amazing!! sandslash has always been one of my favorite pokemon and I CANNOT WAIT to use this on my team <3
By Dudeman
#3080 Wow, this sandslash is intense. the only thing that I would say is there's something up with the ears...I'm not sure whether or not you made the bordering texture around it white or transparent and its just conflicting with the other ones. If its white, I'd use the eraser tool to make it transparent.