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By Tom_X
#3796 i know, with all the new models and textures... well, it's good for me (maybe we shouldn't say it's not to no shut him down? :P )

By Boogaluke
#3834 to be honest, it's just a flat block. I actually have a copy of it with individual teeth that I had planned to be animated that go in and out. I can easily whip that up and fix it up a bit, i don't think it will take as long as said. I'll give it a try and see what I can do.
By Omerta
#3872 I think it will be worth it. When I first tried this mod one of the first things that really impressed me was seeing the animation for the mouth on Paras. Little details like that can lend a nice touch to the game, so definitely give it a shot. Nice model by the way.
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By Tom_X
#3894 Well, I'd love to see those teeth, it's awesome that you thought about it :)
By Boogaluke
#3943 hm would you guys prefer if each individual tooth were to move? or groups of 2, or each side move at the same time? depends on the animators though.
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By MrMasochism
#3971 I think all that would be needed is for it to be able to open and close it's mouth but that would require the teeth to be modelled separately
By Boogaluke
MrMasochism wrote:I think all that would be needed is for it to be able to open and close it's mouth but that would require the teeth to be modelled separately

I have each tooth modeled separatley :) I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to make a mouth though. any suggestions? I was considering deleting the block where the face is located and completely redoing it so I can shape a mouth for it.
By JurroRath
#4028 Yeah, there's not much of another way to do it unfortunately. Not from what I've seen anyway.

Personally though, my biggest gripe is the legs. I'm sorry, I just can't see how they'd move, they're in a very stiff and awkward position. Which I think is largely because you've designed them a bit funny. Seems like you aimed to match the older pictures of Pinsir, but his legs have undergone a bit of a design change.. I think in gen 3? I'm not sure, it's hard to tell from the sprites. Using this image as a reference;


This seems to be the new style they're going with. Ovular, with a rod connecting it to the body instead of being attached itself. The leg is still very close to the body almost touching it, but not quite [might be wrong there, I had a horrible time finding an image of Pinsir from the front, so I guessed a bit just based on the fact that there's a connector rod]. It also has a pair of sockets the legs can fit into near the bottom [which is why I've added those curves to it]. Figured I'd point that out since you're redoing the body anyway so it'd be a good thing to keep in mind.

Rest of the model is looking good though, you've nailed every detail, and I'm personally looking forward to seeing the newly designed teeth [and hopefully legs] :3 Keep it up friend.
By Ledia
#17522 It looks really great so far! Are you planning on finishing it or have you moved on to other projects? You're the only one really doing anything about Pinsir and the model is so close to game worthy! I'm sure if you re did the body to have an indentation and filled it with teeth, it'd be great!

If you have in fact abandoned it, would you be willing to drop box Pinsir so that someone else may be able to finish it? Still really hope you haven't, it's so cool!