By JurroRath
#5539 He just seems a little too chubby near the bottom to me, or maybe that's just the placement of the legs? Is there a chance you could move them so they're more underneath him? I dunno, his pose just seems a bit odd me, and I think that might be the main reason. Also, you need not worry about keeping it to the proper height in Techne, you can just use GIScale to make him smaller after you're done.

Ah, I hadn't realized. I tend to assume new modellers don't know most of the tips and tricks about Techne [and to be fair, most don't], so I assumed the same here. My apologies. And, yes. Always backup. Backup everything. [/haslostsomanypicturesjxjxtyk]

By GabrielGonzaga
#5542 Wow and that was really helpful! I thought that GIScale is GUIScale, like to scale interface or so. Thank you very much.
But, sadly, rotation points seems to stay on the same positions...
By JurroRath
#5594 Not that, I meant what does he mean by 'But, sadly, rotation points seems to stay on the same positions...'. That part confuses me to no end.
By GabrielGonzaga
#5600 Here I scaled model to 1.1 in each direction, though changing it in any of this three directions do the same. Is it normal?

By JurroRath
#5612 Yes, that is normal. Techne has a lot of strange bugs like that unfortunately.
#8505 i have one thing to say THE ARMS!!!! why are they sticking out like that!!!!
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EVKING12 wrote:i have one thing to say THE ARMS!!!! why are they sticking out like that!!!!

animation fixes them, its how modeling works in video games, you ahve the arms stick out and have everythign straight so the model has a better animation and so its also easier to animate (and model) as well
By Ledia
#23865 This is a really great model for such a complicated, hefty pokemon! I like that he's a bit large, it captures the essence of the brute that Electabuzz is meant to be! I really think this is at least poll worthy, but you haven't done much with the model in a while. I really hope you haven't left it, GabrielGonzaga. An awesome model like this deserves some attention...

Are you planning on revisiting it or putting it up for a poll? If not, maybe you could dropbox this gem so that way others could have a go...

It really is a fantastic model, thank you so much for making it! There's only 15 or so pokemon left from the first gen and this is one of them, Hope to hear from you soon so we can make it 14!