By LightAdept
#6170 So, i randomly decided that our current Rattata up to par. And although im far from the best modeller (or even a half decent one), I decided to try and remake him. Needless to say, i was not very pleased with the results. The body is good, the legs and tail and good, its the head....the head kills it...Maybe someone could give me some help *cough karry cough*. Well...might as well let you see it....

Mouth Open
Mouth Closed
doesnt make much of a difference, but the closed mouth does seem a bit better....

By GabrielGonzaga
#6172 It has lewd look and it's head positioned wrong. Original Rattata's neck is pretty short. I'm sorry, but I like old much more.
I don't know how to help, maybe some smoothing will change things.
By karrybird
#6173 the model is good for a start, but the anatomy of the legs bothers me just a bit. the snout is a little to big and the eyes are a bit small in proportion.
as i've been told in the past, you should use slanted blocks for the face so the eyes aren't directly on the sides.
and the texture is pretty good! a little grainy for my tastes, but the colors work really nicely together and aren't an eyesore. (i mention this because some people would think just any purple and tan would work)

if you'd like i could take a crack at making a new model, or possible editing this one a bit :)
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By Tom_X
#6242 I like it better than the old one, which urgently needed a redo, but it could use some karryness :P
By Skibb
#6244 The head is too long , thats what makes it look a bit weird in my opinion . But it's a good start :)
By JurroRath
#6252 I think he's too wide personally. You've got most of the general proportions right though, other than the previously mentioned muzzle. And the texture is very nice.
By Yaseen
#6254 the mouth/muzzle looks a little too big but other then that I think it looks really good
By joojlee38
#15226 I think the mouth of rattata is a little too triangular. Other than that, it's great!