By karrybird
#6185 this one began as just a texture edit, but i ended up editing the model itself and the texture map since it was pretty poorly put together :(

not diggin' how the lips look though..

sooo heres my slightly edited, newly textured magikarp!


By karrybird
Jack_Attack12 wrote:I love it! but the mouth is to square. :)

yeah i know, but that's pretty much as small as i could make it without it conflicting with other textures..
By Skibb
#6198 Can you fill the gap on his nose ? Otherwise , it looks awesome :)
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By Tom_X
#6238 I love it, and apart from what other ppl said I have no more recomendations to do. Great job!
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#6243 not going to lie, you would be far better off just making it from scratch, this doesnt feel like your standered of quality lol