Approval material?

By Skibb
#8528 It looks better than before , but can you please reduce the noise ? Also, what are the dimensions of the arms ?

By karrybird
#8533 it does look much better than before, see how much nicer those lines look against the light colors rather than the black? :)
though i would say you should darken the brown shell lines a bit. they're almost lighter than the actual shell now. you want them to stand out, but not so much that it just doesn't look natural.

also, yes, please reduce the noise. subtle amounts look good, but overdoing it will make him look really dirty. stick to colors just slightly off from the base color so much that it isn't just a solid color, but not so much that he would be covered in static. in between y'know? looks way better than a flat color any day.

and as i've said before, try to avoid using black anywhere even on the eyes. right now they contrast way to much with the rest of the body and just pop out more than they should. make them a dark grey rather than black, even that small change would look a lot better. the red is also too poppy for my tastes, making it duller would be a lot easier to look at on that blue.
and give them some highlights too! even just a little more white on the top would add some life to him. :)
By Xwaffle
#8534 How do I reduce the Noise if i've already saved the PNG with Noise? :3 Also Skibb 3x2x5

Thank you karry I will put all of what you said and goto work on it :D
By Yaseen
#8536 In there is an option to reduce noise
By Skibb
#8541 Can you make it 2x2x5 ? Thanks
By karrybird
#8549 color wise, i'd say it's just about perfect! just one more thing, if that red in the eyes was a little lighter you'd be good to go.
By Skibb
#8551 I liked the black much more personally .