By Skibb
#1355 I think that we can do it with GI-scale . Although i heard somewhere that scaling up will be a problem . Not 100% sure about that .
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By Haunts
#1438 pinsirs hands are flat :c, I got lazy and decided to scrap the idea (I had made the fingers but the block restraints made it look wonky)
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By Tom_X
#1951 I really like your models, specially for how you texture them. However GRimer looks really creepy, in the eyes, maybe doing the middle dot bigger could solve that, and I think Oddish's texture could use some more work, like making more pixels for the eyes instead of just a red one or something. Apart from that, keep up the great work!
Haunts wrote:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's Koffing!
*le piccy pic*
*koffing koff*

That doesn't look like a koffing that I can remember :P